Pocket Door & Barn Door Privacy Indicator Deadbolt Lock
Round recessed thumb-turn & rectangular Occupancy Indicator Bed & Bath pocket door deadbolt privacy lock features 3 inch wide easy to read OCCUPIED & VACANT signage.  Also available with RED & GREEN or your own custom messages or company logo.

The P-100 fits pocket doors and barn doors from 1 1/4" to over 4" thick.  Ideal for bathroom en-suites, barn doors, French doors, sliding barn doors and pocket doors, the Model P-100 is also perfect for hotel conference rooms & anywhere else you need a privacy indicator deadbolt that fastens to the door-strike when OCCUPIED. 

The included Emergency Access Key will unlock the door from the outside in case of emergency. 

The indicator is made of precision die-cast zinc and professionally plated in either Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Brass or Antique Bronze.  The P-100 is also available in custom finishes.  Please call us for a quote. 
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P-100 Pocket Door Privacy Lock                        Satin Nickel
Indicator face-plate dimensions: 3 1/2" x 2" x 5/16"

To accommodate sliding pocket doors you can recess the face-plate into the door 5/16" if needed.  (Simply trace and cut a rectangle)

If you'd prefer your own custom messages just email us your ideas and we'll send you a proof:

Once you approve it we'll make your custom P-100 Privacy Indicator with your custom messages.

If you want custom messages please add $25 here:
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fee for custom message
Need a custom finish? 

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Download Face-plate Drill Template
Made in USA
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A handy lever on the end of the latch allows you to pull the door closed.
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The P-100 Pocket Door Privacy Indicator lock can fit doors from 1 1/4" to over 4" thick. 
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The P-100 Pocket Door Privacy Lock comes equipped with all mounting hardware and one Emergency Key included with each lock.
Order Extra Emergency Keys
Click on the Reference Template below for a pdf version:
Antique Bronze P-100 Vacant/Occupied
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The P-100 Bathroom Pocket Door Privacy Lock in Antique Bronze finish complements both classical and modern architecture.
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Satin Black P-100 Vacant/Occupied
Satin Black P-100 Vacant/Occupied
The Satin Black P-100 Pocket Door & Barn Door Bathroom Privacy Indicator Lock is perfect for upscale restaurants and most modern architecture.  It's available with Occupied & Vacant or Universal Red & Green colors.
Door Strike Dimensions
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To ease installation we can cut the turn-bar to size for you.  Provide us with your door thickness via call or email:

(800) 578-1816


Simply flip the deadbolt and template upside-down for left-hand doors.
1-inch wide clear vinyl OPEN & LOCK arrow indicator stickers add an extra touch of hospitality:
Each decal order includes one left-handed and one right-handed transparent decal.
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