Welcome to the home of the original and leading manufacturer of American-made Privacy Door Indicator Locks since 1952.  You'll find our models K-250 & K-300, which are proudly made in the U.S.A., in hotels and motels across the country.  Restaurants, pro-shops, hospitals, schools, public bathrooms, banks and government buildings choose durable and timeless Pride Barco Privacy Door Indicator Locks because they're made in America and they're built to last.

Our latest invention is the new L-100-L.E.D.-GRAVITY 2 option which can be added to any of our L-100 locks:

Surface Mounting
Hotel / Motel Guest Room Privacy Indicator Door Lock

Custom font & colors

Easy to install

Available in all finishes including Chrome, Brass, Bronze, Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Polished Zinc & Flat Black.
328 Walnut Ave.
Licking, MO  65542
(800) 578-1816
(417) 686-0811​​

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Easy to Install
Restroom Privacy Indicator Lock
K-300 Series
Restroom Privacy Deadbolt Lock
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Plein Air Artist's Panel Holder
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Occupancy Indicator Deadbolt Lock, Bathroom Privacy Lock, Occupied Door Lock, Indicator Lock
K-250 & K-300 Restroom Privacy Door Indicator Locks are also available with optional black text on caution orange & neon green.
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K-250 Series
Restroom Privacy Deadbolt Lock
oil rubbed bronze indicator lock, oil rubbed bronze bathroom privacy lock
OPEN Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm CST.
occupied indicator light bathroom
The Indicator Lock and the Bathroom Beacon™ light up when occupied.

You can mount the Beacon L.E.D. where people can see
it from a distance to reduce
traffic and waiting at the door.