K-250 & K-300 L.E.D. OPTION

We now offer the option to make your new K-250 and K-300 Bathroom Privacy Indicator Locks light-up when in the OCCUPIED position.

A bright even light is created behind the OCCUPIED signage by one 3mm 3 volt diffused white Light Emitting Diode.  The  L.E.D. is powered by a single button cell CR2016 battery via an innovative brass switch and spring mechanism.

The OCCUPIED sign is made of clear plastic to allow the light to fully illuminate the red & white OCCUPIED label.  The CR2016 button cell is easily replaceable as it resides in the inside turn-knob section. 

The L.E.D. option also works on K-250 and K-300 privacy locks ordered without the deadbolt.

Adding the L.E.D. Option to your K-250 and K-300 Privacy Indicator Locks is easy:

For instance, if you order 5 K-300 Series Indicator Locks on the K-300 page and you want all of them to have the L.E.D. Option simply add
a quantity of 5 of the L.E.D. Option here:

K-300-V-CH with L.E.D. Option         Chrome Plated

Made in USA
L.E.D. Option is $30 per lock
Battery Installation Instructions
 © 2017 Pride Barco Lock Company          Patent Pending  #62452969
After peeling off the protective cover on the sticky tape place the flat wire (contacts side up) onto the tape. 

Next place the battery + side up onto the wire and tape so that it's not touching any part of the knob cover metal.  Push down firmly.

Attach the turn-bar with switch and spring and you're ready to mount.

NOTE: You must mount the outside message housing first in order to push the cable through one of the screw-holes.  We recommend taping the housing in place until you get the knob-cover battery connected.
bathroom privacy indicator with lighted occupied, occupied light indicator, privacy indicator lock with light up occupied
Replacement Battery Kit
Includes one CR2016 3v battery and two adhesive squares.

Feel free to call us for installation assistance:

  (800) 578-1816  

8am - 4pm C.S.T.

Battery Life expectancy:
Light Traffic: 3 years
Moderate Traffic: 2 years
Heavy Traffic: 1 year
 © 2017 Pride Barco Lock Company          Patent Pending  #62452969
 © 2021 Pride Barco Lock Company          Patent Pending  #62452969
Installation Guide
Rotate the cam from the VACANT position until OCCUPIED is displayed.
The cam should be in the horizontal position.
Tape the message housing to the outside of door after drilling the holes.
Install the bolt and run the wire through.
Peel off the top of the sticky tape and place wire contacts up on the middle.
Place battery firmly over wire and onto center of tape square, careful not to let it touch any metal.
Slide switch onto spindle and install into knob hole.  Long part of switch should be over battery.  Extend the bolt.
Slide nylon washer onto spindle and atop switch.
Put spring onto spindle and carefully assemble through bolt center hole and into housing cam slot.
Insert screws and test it.  The L.E.D. should light up when the bathroom privacy indicator lock is in the OCCUPIED position only.  Enjoy.
For complete installation instructions see below:
LED occupied light indicator lock, bathroom privacy lock with light up occupied, restroom indicator bolt with L.E.D. light,
Feel free to call us for installation assistance:

  (800) 578-1816  

8am - 4pm C.S.T.

Constant Switch
Great for special events where
you want both OCCUPIED & VACANT to be lit-up constantly. 
Click on the images below to see how the switch flanges face upward to provide smooth contact every time: