The Easelock® plein air panel holder allows you to paint to the edges on panels ranging from 1" to 13 1/2" tall.
$69.95 each
Created by Santa Barbara brother and sister artists Camille Dellar and Armand Renga out of necessity, the Easelock® allows you to secure multiple small panel board paintings and mounts on your easel just like a standard canvas or board, providing a stable and secure platform for your work and allowing for total access to up to four panels all the way to the edges. You can also remove one of the sliding bars to accommodate larger boards.  Armand's love of wooden boats is reflected in the finely crafted mahogany parts and stainless-steel carriage bolts, washers and wing-nuts.

Finally enjoy true plein air painting with the American made Easelock

View Camille's impressionist oil paintings:


Made in Santa Barbara, California  U.S.A.

5 Year Warranty
against any manufacturing defects
(covers parts, labor & shipping).

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Easelock® in the field:  Send us a picture of you
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panel art, plein air painting, small canvas, board painting, art easel
The stainless-steel carriage bolts don't produce a shadow on the panel and are easy to invert if you need a flatter surface on the back.  The Easelock's low-profile and light weight make it ideal for hiking and travel.  Click on the pictures for full size.
panel art, plein air painting, small canvas, board painting, art easel
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Dimensions: 16 x 0.2 x 11 inches