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The L-100-L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option utilizes gravity to switch the adjustable 3v L.E.D. ON in the OCCUPIED position and OFF in the VACANT position.  No assembly is required, simply install and plug the connectors together.  Battery replacement is also quick and easy.
To allow room for the electronics, the L-100-L.E.D.-GRAVITY requires a 1 3/8" diameter hole drilled 1/2" deep on the outside of the door.  Click on the drill template below for a pdf version:
The OCCUPIED sign is made of clear plastic to allow the light to fully illuminate the red & white OCCUPIED label. The included CR2016 button cell is easily replaceable as it resides in the inside turn-knob section.

You can add the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option to all styles and models of L-100 Privacy Indicator Locks including Stainless Steel.   All messages and colors will illuminate including your own custom text and colors. The L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option works with both left and right hand doors.

Adding the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option to your L-100 Privacy Indicator Locks is easy:

For instance, after you add 5 L-100 Series Indicator Locks to your Cart from the L-100 page and you want all of them to have the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option simply add a quantity of 5 of the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option to your Cart here:

L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option is $30 per lock.

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Battery Life expectancy:
Light Traffic: 2 years
Moderate Traffic: 1 year
Heavy Traffic: 6 months
Replacement Battery
Includes one CR2016 3v battery with terminals and 2 adhesive squares.

1 3/8" Diameter Spade Bit 
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After adding your L-100 Privacy Locks to your Cart you can then add the corresponding number of L.E.D.-GRAVITY Options:
led indicator bolt template, l-100 pride barco, indicator lock template spade bit for l-100 led gravity indicator, spade bit 1 3/8
When you select any of our L-100-RG (Red & Green) models and add the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option, we use a red L.E.D as well as a diffused red acrylic disc producing a brilliant glowing red light when occupied. 

You can easily adjust the L.E.D. for desired brightness.

With a visibility range up to 1000 feet and a UV-Protected green vinyl label that indicates when vacant, the world's first battery-operated L.E.D. Restroom Privacy Indicator lock utilizing Gravity is the future of restroom privacy and hospitality.

Invented and manufactured in the U.S.A.

L-100-RG-Flat Black with L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option
L-100-RG-Flat Black  with L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option
L-100-O/V-CH with L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option
led bathroom indicator, led light occupied lock, occupancy indicator bolt light
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red and green bathroom privacy lock with led, led bathroom indicator lock red and green bathroom indicator with led light
Here's an example of an order for 5 L-100 locks with 5 L.E.D.-GRAVITY Options:
Click to enlarge
L-100-O/V White Text-SC with L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option
You can also find the L-100-RG-FBLACK with the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option here:
You can also find the L-100-O/V White Text-SC with the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option here:
L-100-O/V White Text-ABZ with L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option

You can also find the L-100-O/V White Text-ABZ with the L.E.D.-GRAVITY Option here:

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